Vocational Placement

The NWSBS receives notices about employment opportunities throughout the year. Many graduates from our programs fill positions as staff herbalists at local herb stores and natural food markets.

Many of graduates have merged their careers as herbalists with their existing practice as massage therapists, nutritional consultants, acupuncturists, midwife, doulas, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, naturopathic doctors, gynecologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, aromatherapists, and many other health related fields. Herbalists must be creative and determined to pursue a career in the field. It takes many hours and years of dedication to establish a full-time herbal practice in a community. It requires a special person with integrity, vision, compassion, and a good sense of business to become arespected herbalist in the community.

Numerous employment opportunities are available to students willing dedicate their time and energy to pursuing an herbal related career. Below are some examples of careers created or obtained by NWSBS graduates:

  • Herbal practitioner and health care provider
  • Herbal business manager
  • Staff herbalist at an herb store
  • Positions in health and beauty (HABA) departments in natural food stores
  • Medicine maker
  • Natural animal and pet care
  • Eco-friendly landscaping and gardening business
  • Organic herbal farming
  • Herbal nursery
  • Natural cosmetologist
  • Earth friendly cleaning business
  • Midwife or doula

Note: The NWSBS does not provide employment or guarantee professional placements for graduates.